Andrew Schofield

Has been successfully transferring his Lean knowledge to managers and staff in the housing sector in recent years and helped them achieve exceptional improvements in performance and delivery. He has also worked with other public and not for profit organisations to help them improve their processes and results. His personal style and general management skills enable him to ensure that real, sustainable value is generated from his assignments. He is committed of working with and through people to manage change has enable them to own the changes and deliver sustained improvements.

Andrew´s key successes include:

• Meeting the challenge of the Japanese car manufacturers when they first came to Europe, winning work from them and making it sustainably profitable.

• Developing the Lean Methodology to help the public sector and social housing meet current financial challenges and deliver substantial improvements in both customer facing and back office functions.

• Developing and delivering training courses for Lean Leadership and Lean Management so that the skills are transferred successfully into their own organisations.