We are very successful at driving sustainable change 


Why! we believe transformation must be introduced systematically into 3 areas of the business. If you are an organisation who is looking for a culture change and all of the rewards that brings then we can help, Our unique way of delivery, training and coaching helped all of our clients witness massive gains. We support you through the change not just leave you with a document that tells you how to do it…


Firstly, Operational transformation

Changing the way the processes work to ensure it is more efficient and effective is key to start the journey of change, however our experience tells us a bottom up approach works. Give the people who do the work, the power to change the way they work will empower them to build a culture that will drive continuous improvement as required, this will give the Organisation a win, the employees and win and the customers a win. This will however need to be backed up with strong leadership.

Secondly, Develop the First line leaders

Using our Training at work programme we fill the first line leaders must ensure that everyone who is involved in the work has the skill, knowledge and aptitude to carry this out effectively. This development will change the organisational culture and eliminate silo working by cross functional leadership teams working together to address the consistency and skill level required to lead the team through empowerment to maximise the success of the new processes

Thirdly, Senior leadership –

Must be prepared to look at the way their leadership affects the flow of information which in turn allows the operation to flow at a fast-effective pace. Our Leadership accelerator programme will show the Senior leadership team how to become effective enablers. This programme will develop speed leadership who will have the skill and method of leading that enables the people in the organisation to go faster.

At the lean partners we aim to help our clients to become high performing organisation the organisation to go faster, we believe top performing staff  and stream lined processes make for a success business by benefiting the customers.

We show you how to embed a style of “Lean Thinking” tailored to the type of industry you are in, by understanding and enhancing the customers journey, you will track and eliminate inefficiencies within the organisation. We do this through a process of “learning by doing”, supported by experienced coaching and mentoring, this is a proven method to get the very best from existing teams, we pride ourselves in achieving outstanding performance from ordinary people. Our holistic approach of enabling people who do the work to enjoy performing at a high level – and at the same time coaching their managers to support them in doing this. This method is proven and we can ensure improvements are realised quickly.

We aim to embed the ethos of:

In short, Lean thinking becomes a part of everyone´s way of thinking.

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